CIJ Filters

Most of the industrial machines, processes require filter. The basic purpose of filtering is to use less fluids during the process with recilculation (environmental protection and cost saving). Particles can be found even inside of a closed cycle, filters must defend also the equipment of occlusion and damaging.

The qood quality of these products is vital for continuous operation in actual market condition. The cost of a break-down due to the inadequate filter is much more than simple the price of it.

Our products helps your company to keep your process running.

Most of the products are available from stock, but we are open to expand our selection with new types. In case of any question / request, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our CIJ (continuous inkjet) filter products are developed for the inkjet industry and compatible with most commonly used printers on the market. These components are used in ink lines to protect printers from clogging in order to increase print quality and reduce downtimes. Specifically, Alter-Native inkjet filters provide down-stream cleanliness; operation at medium to high pressures and temperatures; and are resistant to Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), plus various solvent based inks. Materials, sizes, connectors and retention rate is designed to completely fulfill requirements. All of our parts meet or exceed the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Standards.

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